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ACG Sunderland provides a caring and supportive environment both inside the classroom and in the wider school community.
Primary School


All students in the ACG Sunderland Preschool are supported by qualified staff.

Additional support for individual children is accessed as necessary. These may include Ministry of Education, Special Education with its Speech-Language therapists, Early Intervention staff, Psychologists and Occupational Therapists. We also work closely with the B4 School team and the Ministry of Health, Vision and Hearing Team.

Primary School

Where a student has identified learning issues extra support is available through the use of a Teacher Aide in the Primary School. Also Individual Education Plans – (IEP) are also used.

All new students to ACG Sunderland are linked up to a buddy in their first weeks of school to assist in their introduction to their new school.

Primary School classes regularly meet with their buddy class to foster positive relationships between children of different ages and highlight our school values.


Vertical Forms in College

The vertical Form Class has a range of age groups from Years 8 to 13 all from the same house. Each class has a Form Teacher and this teacher has continuity with this class for six years. A buddy programme operates within each form class. The class meets formally three times each week. Year 7 students have their own form class.

Form Teachers

Form Teachers look after College Forms. Their task is to provide a base of acceptance and good human relations that will help their students grow into responsible members of the community. Form Teachers take general responsibility for the welfare of students in their form class and endeavour to establish a relationship whereby the students can turn to them for initial advice, assistance or guidance. They are also the first point of contact in the school for the parents of the students within their form class.


The Deans have overall responsibility for student welfare and academic progress. There is a dean for the Lower College (Years 7-10), the Upper College (Years 11-13) and for International students.

Learning Support

Where a student has identified learning issues extra support is available through the Learning Support department within the College. Individual Education Plans – (IEP) are also used along with examination support provided.

  • Teachers are available to meet with parents

    Planned parent/teacher interviews are organised twice a year by ACG Sunderland.

    Parents are also encouraged to make a meeting time after school with their child’s teacher and discuss any issues they may have.

  • Assemblies

    Whole School Assemblies, Primary and College Assemblies, Senior Student Assemblies and House Assemblies are a feature of Sunderland. Assemblies are times when we get to meet and share the special ethos of our School, promote our students’ many talents and celebrate our student successes.