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Student Success

Moon Children play at Rock Quest

ACG Sunderland band Moon Children took part in Auckland central’s regional Smokefree Rockquest final at the Dorothy Winston theatre this weekend, nailing their performance.

It’s the fourth time ACG Sunderland’s longest-standing band has played at Rockquest.

“It’s always a wonderful time being able to perform on a proper stage, in front of a large audience of music goers like ourselves,” said vocalist Erin Geraghty, Year 12.

“I personally enjoy the whole rockstar feels as you go on stage, and the hot stage lights are on you and the mosh pit is so close that you can high five them.”

The band consists of Erin, drummer Cassandra Pauling-Munro, Year 12, and bassist Kuldeep in Year 9. While the band aspires to do more gigs, record their songs, and become better known in the community, ultimately the aim is just to keep playing music.

“Music is a very big part of each of our lives, so as long as we’re regularly playing together and making magic, whatever happens won’t matter as long as the music keeps going,” Erin said.

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