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07 • 08 • 2017
School event

ACG schools come together for ACG Olympics

Four ACG schools are coming together today to compete in three events to showcase students’ sporting, academic and artistic skills.

The annual ACG Olympics for years 7-10 has been expanded from a hotly contested round-robin Mathletics competition to this year include Badminton and HoverArt – an activity that allows students to explore moving air with a variety of everyday objects.

“We’re growing and adding more physicality and artistic skills into the event,” explained ACG Parnell College PE teacher Ximena Borquez, who is helping to organise the Olympics.

“We’re aiming to create an opportunity for students to represent their school in the academic, sporting and arts areas of the curriculum. The event also encourages them to compete in a positive and collaborative environment, promoting school values and friendship.”

The ACG Olympics has been running since 2014, with each school taking a turn to host. More than 175 athletes will be taking part this year, as well as dozens of prefects who will be helping with organisation and umpiring. Our newest school, ACG Tauranga, joined the competition for the first time last year; this year, its 21 participants will be billeted with ACG Parnell College families.

ACG Tauranga Principal Shawn Hutchinson said events like this demonstrated the value of being part of a group. “Opportunities to compete, collaborate, share resources and best practise – all our students benefit tremendously from these shared experiences.”

The ACG Olympics will be held on today at ACG Parnell College. Students from Years 7-10 take part. A senior students’ demonstration badminton match will also be played, pitting ACG Sunderland against ACG Parnell College

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