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School Tuition Fees

With ACG Sunderland’s internationally recognised curriculum, exceptional teachers, and supportive learning environment, your child will gain a high-quality education that opens doors to universities and fulfilling careers.

Tuition Fees

Enrolment acceptance fee

If your child receives an offer please pay the  non-refundable enrolment fee to reserve their place. For Years 1 to 10, the fee is $850, and for Years 11 to 13 it’s $450.

You don’t need to pay a fee to register an application, and ACG Sunderland doesn’t charge a building development levy or bond.

School Tuition Fees
International Students
Preschool Rates

Years 1 - 2

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$12,705 NZ$12,705
Three Instalments NZ$4,272 per instalment NZ$12,816
Nine Instalments NZ$1,448 per month NZ$13,032

Years 3 - 6

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$13,785 NZ$13,785
Three Instalments NZ$4,634 per instalment NZ$13,902
Nine Instalments NZ$1,571 per month NZ$14,139

Years 7 - 8

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$15,800 NZ$15,800
Three Instalments NZ$5,313 per instalment NZ$15,939
Nine Instalments NZ$1,801 per month NZ$16,209

Years 9 - 10

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$16,590 NZ$16,590
Three Instalments NZ$5,578 per instalment NZ$16,734
Nine Instalments NZ$1,891 per month NZ$17,019

Years 11 to 13

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$17,145 NZ$17,145
Three Instalments NZ$5,765 per instalment NZ$17,295
Nine Instalments NZ$1,954 per month NZ$17,586

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International students 2018

No enrolment acceptance fee is required as this is included in the tuition fees payment. A registration fee of $300 is payable once only.

Year level Annual fee Fee per term
Years 1 - 6 NZ $19,000 NZ $6,650
Years 7-13 NZ $24,000 NZ $8,400
Days per week Annual Fee Three Instalments (per instalment) Ten Instalments (per instalment)
5 days per week NZ$8,504 ($174) NZ$2,899 ($177) NZ$896 ($183)
4 days per week NZ$6,250 ($128) NZ$2,132 ($131) NZ$659 ($134)
3 days per week NZ$4,047 ($83) NZ$1,380 ($84) NZ$426 ($87)
2 days per week NZ$2,715 ($55) NZ$927 ($57) NZ$284 ($58)

Children must be enrolled for a minimum of 6.5 hours on the days that ECE hours are used.

Junior (Children aged from 2 - 3 years)

Days per week Annual Fee Three Instalments Ten Instalments
5 days per week NZ$13,320 ($272) NZ$4,524 ($277) NZ$1,401 ($286)
4 days per week NZ$11,015 NZ$3,756 ($230) NZ$1,159 ($237)
3 days per week NZ$8,299 ($169) NZ$2,813 ($172) NZ$869 ($177)
2 days per week NZ$5,482 ($112) NZ$1,870 ($114) NZ$579 ($118)
1 days per week NZ$2,766 ($56) NZ$943 ($58) NZ$290 ($59)

Fees in brackets represent weekly equivalent

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

Visit us

The best way to understand if we’re the right fit for your child is to come and see us in person. You can tour our campus and view all of our facilities up close.