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The curriculum has clear learning objectives in English, Mathematics and Science, with progress throughout the Primary years being ‘Internationally Benchmarked’. It culminates with Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations at the end of Year 6.

Lower Primary (Years 0-3)

At age five, children enter the Lower Primary. These years aim to develop students’ talents and abilities in a caring, safe and stimulating classroom environment. Enquiry-based programmes are offered to excite young minds, creating a foundation for successful learning.

Upper Primary (Years 4-6)

The focus of the Upper Primary is to develop independent and confident learners with skills to research and problem-solve.

Literacy and numeracy form the basis of learning and we carefully monitor each individual student to ensure a sound understanding of these key competencies. A combination of integrated studies and specialist programmes encompasses Social Sciences, Music and the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Computing, Technology, Sciences, Spanish, Health and Physical Education.

  • Encourage students to reach their potential

    Throughout these formative years, we place an emphasis on fostering a love of learning, growing excellent work habits and developing enquiring minds. Our curriculum and learning environment actively encourages students to reach their potential.

    Students follow the Cambridge Primary programme, with integrated assessment for 5–11 year olds, which provides an excellent preparation for Cambridge secondary.

    The opportunity to move successfully from the primary to college, where students are well-known by staff, ensures that academic, sporting and cultural strengths are developed and fostered at an early age. We identify individual learning needs from the start and put programmes in place to provide the best-possible learning environment for each child.

  • Primary school campus events

    We hold a number of fun and educational events and weeks at the primary school that we encourage all students and their families to support and get on board with. These include Book Week, Science Week, Maori Language Week, Character Parade and Grandparents Day.

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